Whew! It’s seems like FOREVER!!

So, it really HASN’T been forever, but after putting up the new site and getting things in line, I seemed to have lost my own personal blog, and well, I really MISS talking to you guys.  I don’t want censored by it being “the business” blog and I just needed to come back to a place I feel I can pour my heart out and you will listen.

As most of you know by now, we are OPEN!  We are having a great time, we have nearly 70 consignors already.  I hope to start doing a focused blog on each and every one of them/you and I also would like to be able to live up to my commitment to Tara of handmadeinpa.net for whom I was to write an ongoing focus on Harrisburg Area Crafters. I may have to change it up a bit, but I think I can combine the two.

So, I know what a heck of a lot of you have been up to since I talk to so many of you via Twitter. That is such a nice way to keep in touch I swear!  I have been doing mainly business-y things like learning to use Quickbooks and getting my consignment software to work for me the way I want it to (Not the software’s problem, just me trying to manipulate it for my own warped way of doing things) Jess and I have been working on getting classes lined up ( more Jess than me, actually)

I spend most of my day talking to people, taking possession of cool goods, inputting the skus in the system, paying bills, conversing with locals and constantly moving the shop displays.  This has proven to be most challenging!  I must admit to one small tragedy, but it has since been re-purposed.  = }

On a personal level, I am still in and out of the Dr, and have been referred to Pain Management. Yes.  I am in CONSTANT pain and I can’t even tell you how much it has affected my life. It makes me angry, but I do a pretty good job of internalizing it, and then flushing it out by way of laughter and working here at the shop.

I so want to thank everyone who has been blogging about us!  Google The Hodgepodgery and Hodge Podgery, there are a lot of blogs who have shined a little light on that and to whom we are eternally grateful!

Life’s Good.



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It’s ALMOST time!

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, someone explain to me why I am such a dweeb when it comes to websites. I used to have a talent for such things. Admittedly it was more of a talent bringing things together, not so much making ’em work from scratch, not so into piecing together HTML and Widgets etc etc etc.  Days like these it would be nice having the ol’ Linux guru around (incidently, Happy Birthday XHub3) Someday, perhaps he’ll feel compelled to stop by the shop and put cool open source gadgetry on this here pc….hahaha!

Ok, so other than yours truly trying to pull together a nice (albeit cheap self done one) website under thehodgepodgery.com we are still working on the interior of the store. The bones and skin are all in place, the electrical is almost complete and thus approaches the time all the pretty stuff needs done. I am an idiot for not taking pics (again) while I was over there, today. I got this cool new toy (Bamboo Fun) from Wacom and I coulda been using it to design the interior of the store!  Tomorrow I will get good pics, come home and color our new little world, and perhaps give you a fake interior along with the fake exterior we are tweaking. = } Oh, and possibly when I turn 50, fake boobs if I hold M to it!

As it stands now, I should be able to be over there working a few days next week. We will be installing the equipment and picking up furniture, etc.  For those of you consigning by mail, UPS and Fed EX, plan on sending the items out June 23rd.  We prefer to wait until after Jess’s wedding. (I underestimated how much stuff needed done for that pesky little event = }  I am not the planner my significant other is)

As for time frames: MARK YOUR CALENDARS!   JULY 21st to JULY25 will be the GRAND OPENING WEEK! The shop will be fully up and running and we will have started our regular hours of Tuesday thru Saturday 10am to 7 pm.

Ok, kids. I know I have lots more to talk about, but until I get the other site together, this will have to do!



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Floor boards, walls and Jess, Oh My!

Here are just a few quick pics as how things look today. The inside of the work shop is roughly 22 x11 (?) As you can see, we are going to have bar height walls around the workshop for viewing and extra seating, with PLENTY of outlets for various equipment and classes. Jessica is standing where the Check Out will be. We can see the whole shop from there. There is sawdust and schmutz EVERYWHERE right now, but to us, it is BEAUTIFUL!

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Roll Call!!!

All you awesome people who are thinking about consigning with us, NOW is the time to drop me a line so I can get some info out to you. hodgepodgestudio@gmail.com

So, either do the survey, or simply email me. Definitely direct me to your websites, and shops. It is amazing how many of you I am simply RUNNING INTO at weird places! (read: my neighborhood yard sale)

We should be ready to start receiving items the week of the 15th. I will let you know for sure before that. Spread the word, keep you ears and eyes open!


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Construction has begun

Our handy dandy man, Steve, is a stud amongst the studs as he poses in front of our store in progress. We will keep you posted on construction and our open house. Have a super weekend.


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Fertilizer…the good kind!

What a BLAST! The First Crafting Call was a resounding SUCCESS!!! YAY!! Thanks to all who came…I can’t believe how fast the time went. We threw stuff together so fast, but really, it was just some super nice people showing and telling. It got a little confusing at times, some of us are a little aggressive in the talking department (guilty as charged) The loose structure worked for us, tho. I am sure we will change things from time to time, maybe focus on certain subjects, I just don’t know. All I really know is that I am so very glad this thing of ours is going down!

Sorry, No. I neglected to take pictures. I know!!! Shame on me and THIS is why I am NOT the family photographer! I am a mingler.

Oh, gosh… as much as I want to get out there and name names, forgive me if I screw something up, Jess has the papers…
Leah, Kim, Richelle, Kelly (and new hubby), Priscilla, Kate, Andre, Niki and Nala(?), Becky, Heather, Yasmin Did I forget anyone? I know I may have screwed up a name…if I did forgive me please!

We have so many DIFFERENT things. It is hard to believe how varied our crafts were. This shop will be PHENOMENAL!! You all are FABULOUS! I have to get our site up so I can link everyone together. I hope you get the drift of what we are trying to do and spread the word…

happy happy

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Shouldn’t Blog When I am Sleepy

I know I shouldn’t, but it’s been awhile. I am not gonna even TRY for a gardening metaphor. I have sat at this here MiniMac for several hours today with intentions of writing to all you wonderful friends, but Twitter and other sites got in the way! You know how it is! Everyone has links to follow and that leads to more links and before you know it, pfffft it is 10:22 at night and you haven’t gotten a whole heck of a lot accomplished! Ok, so I lie. I did take M to the doctor ( he had bloodwork done and is going for a CT Scan Friday) I dropped him back at work and scooted over to the shop. No one was working because Home Depot did NOT deliver all the goods!! We won’t get into it, but it is one of those left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and the promised schedule was not as promised, etc etc etc. So, my guy had the day off and he is fighting for them to deliver tomorrow morning.

Trying desperately to catch up with folks re: the Crafting Call tomorrow READ :

I am totally stoked to meet some of the tweeps and peepsI have been tweeting and talking and e-mailing! To think, this is just the first of many! We have people coming from twitter, HACC, postings on Craigslist (shhh) flyers on the store windows, at market, at ABC. I think I have maybe 15 confirmed (?) cool, eh?

Those of you who want to simply mail your agreement, remember to mail it to my home address! If anyone wants one that has not yet e-mailed me… hodgepodgestudio@gmail.com
I will be happy to e-mail it out! We are waiving the $20 registration for any consignor who consigns with us before our grand opening. (target date for the Gala Grand Opening is July 11, but may be later) We will be OPEN Mid to late June, but with Jessica getting married and a host of other things we won’t have our big to-do until later. dtaes are funny things, aren’t they? I almost feel like the software people who promise the new updates, but keep pushing ’em back…

Ay yi yi.

I really don’t know what to expect tomorrow. I hope people come,, I hope they have fun, and I hope they mingle and get goofy! I am really looking forward to when we can have something at the store. Things are going so fast!

Well, tonight’s quickie blog was not a wealth of information, but I so appreciate you all sharing in our making this things happen!

Air kisses near the cheeks “Mwah! Mwah!”

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